Steps On How To Grow Medical Marijuana

Many countries around the globe have now started allowing the growth and use of medical marijuana – only for medical purposes. Through media reports, thousands of medical organizations have also supported the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes; many other organizations are accepting this idea as well. If your doctor has prescribed medical marijuana for you, but you do not have sufficient money to purchase them on regular basis, continue to read this article and learn how to grow weed.

If your country allows marijuana, is about time you learn how to grow pot and here are a few steps on how to get started. Before anything else, make sure that you get prescription from your doctor.

  • Choose the seeds according to the medical condition that you have

Medical marijuana comes in different strains. For instance, the indica strain is popularly known as a relaxant that is usually used to reduce signs and symptoms of tremors, multiple sclerosis, mobility issues, muscle spasms and also to relieve pain. On the other hand, the sativa strain is a stimulate, appropriately used to manage migraines, nausea, pain and also used by both cancer and HIV/AID patients, but takes a long time to mature. Hence choose the hybrid from both strains.

  • Look for a place with sufficient light

This is an important tip on how to grow medical marijuana. It does not matter whether you grow the seeds in a greenhouse or outdoors, what matters is at least six hours of sunlight availability. If you choose to plant the seeds indoors, make sure that the leaves receive sufficient light. You will need to buy a high pressure sodium bulb for growth. The duration for lighting should change; 18/6 for vegetation and 12/12 for flowering. For more information, visit us at CTU.

  • Germinate the seeds

If you want to learn how to grow weed, then you must understand and know various methods for germinating the seeds. One good technique is to pour warm water into a cup and then drop the seeds inside. Place them in the dark for three days. As soon as the seeds produce a white root on the seeds, plant the seeds. Another germination technique is by using a wet paper towel where the seeds are thrown in the towel and the wrapped and stored in the dark for three days. Another great way to germinate the seeds is by using the grodan tubes. It does not need you to germinate the seeds. However, germinating the seeds increases the chances of the plant to grow.

Decide if you want to grow the marijuana using chemical fertilizers or naturally

You are just the one who is going to smoke the plant. Therefore, it may be safe to use natural ingredients. Chemicals may give the plant a different taste from its original taste.

  • Plant the seeds in a small pot

You should sprout the seeds in unfertilized or starter soil. Fertilized soil is harmful to the plant. Ensure that the seeds are well covered and the soil is most at all times until the young plant grows. After that, you can transfer the young plant into a larger plot and then watch it grow.

It is easy to learn how to grow weed. If you want to learn how to grow medical marijuana, go to

Steps On How To Grow Medical Marijuana