Quon’s: The Best Japanese Prime Mover for Australian Market

The Australian heavy-duty truck market has always been a preserve of the European brands, but one Japanese heavy duty truck that is making waves in the Australian market is UD Trucks’ GW 26 420 Japanese prime mover. According to Diesel magazine, this truck is currently ranked the best Japanese prime mover in Australia!


Best Japanese prime mover in Australia!
Best Japanese prime mover in Australia!

UD’s Japanese prime mover competes well with other major Japanese truck models in the Australian market even though its model range is relatively slimmer compared to its Japanese rivals. The company has also rolled out a new heavy mover model for Australia and the Asia-Pacific market-the Quester range of trucks which are built in Thailand. However, it is the Quon range which is currently making the waves in the Australian market. Its virtues are causing ripples in the trucking industry and which is the reason it has been voted the best Japanese prime mover in Australia!


The new Quon range of UD’s heavy duty trucks is now built with the Swedish-designed GH-11 engines which are designed in Japan. Additionally, future Quon trucks have a 460hp top rating which has enhanced the trucks’ power. These will be introduced into the Australian market once the country has adopted the Euro 6 emissions standards. Currently, the Australian market is limited to the 420hp rating for the best Japanese prime mover Australia market has today.


The 420 offers Australian truckers exceptional performance along with good road manners. They begin with the GK17 420 which is a single-drive truck. The truck comes with a GCM of 45 tonnes. The wheelbase of the truck is shorter at 3.86 metres and it can best be deployed for the lighter weight prime mover applications. The GW26 420 has very impressive standard specifications. The engine has a peak power of 308kW/420hp which is delivered at 1800rpm. The truck can hit a top torque of 1990Nm. The SCR system of the truck also ensures maximum emissions compliance.


The truck’s cab offers you an easy climb up. With its wrap-around dash designs, drivers will be able to get very good access to the truck’s switchgear as well as a very clear view of the instrumentation of the truck. The truck’s transmission shifter is ideally situated in the truck. The Escot V transmission offers a very good operational performance with a smooth and intuitive performance.


The intuitive design of the Quon 420 trucks means that drivers can easily familiarize themselves with the truck interior. Every space in the truck has been filled with some compartments or certain nooks. Every interior space has been filled with something functional. Every one of these compartments has a good purpose that drivers can put them to.


The 420 is only available in sleeper which is typical of various heavy duty Japanese cabs which include the standard fittings of curtains as well as mattresses. It is a perfect snooze shelf for those long distance trips that most drivers will find adequate.


Other exceptional appointments on the 420s include its electrically controlled side mirrors as well as spotters that are perfectly positioned. It also has good air conditioning, central locking system, good cruise control features as well as a multi-media system and touch-screen which is highly functional. The Quon model’s SRS airbag is compliant with the highest crash standards in order to ensure maximum protection for the driver. Other innovative features in the truck include its traction control and anti-lock control features along with the electronically controlled drum brakes. There is also a convenient hill-hold function which will come in handy when you are navigating the hilly terrain. These amongst others are some of the qualities which make the 420 the best Japanese prime mover in Australia!


Quon’s: The Best Japanese Prime Mover for Australian Market

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