How to Choose the Right Commercial Refrigerator

Are you looking for a walk-in cooler, a counter refrigerator, or a 2 door commercial freezer? You need to know the following things to consider when buying a commercial refrigerator in order not to waste money on wrong installation, wrong size, and type of fridge. Always contact the refrigeration experts like the Cold Display Solutions to know more about commercial refrigerators and freezers.

2 door commercial freezer

Factors to Consider when Purchasing a Commercial Refrigerator

  • Choosing Between Fresh or Frozen

The first thing to take into consideration is the kind of product that you want to put into a cool storage – fresh or frozen. Not all refrigerators maintain a constant temperature for both frozen food and fresh produce. A walk-in refrigerator may perfectly keep food at 41 degrees Fahrenheit and a 2 door commercial freezer may keep your frozen merchandise near to 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Consider buying two different refrigerators for different products to retain their freshness.

  • Consider Size and Space

Depending on the size of your business, sizes for commercial refrigerators and freezers range from 36 inches to 120 inches wide and 70 inches to 168 inches long, with 27.7 cubic feet to 860 cubic feet capacity. When selecting the right commercial refrigerator, consider the quantity and volume of your goods, as well as the total space that your fridge might occupy. You should also consider where the fridge should be installed.

  • Ventilation

Just like an ordinary home use refrigerator, you need to place a little extra space for your commercial fridge for ventilation. A minimum of 1-inch clearance from the interior walls is required. When installing a walk-in refrigerator, a 2-inch space between the walk-in top and the ceiling is also recommended.

  • Delivery and Installation

Buying a new commercial refrigerator isn’t as easy as moving a home use fridge into your home. Always prepare the place where the refrigerator (especially if it’s the wider one) is to be placed so as to make delivery and installation smooth and hassle-free. Another thing is to schedule delivery and installation during the low buying season. Also, consider closing your business for renovations in order not to disturb customer.

  • Energy Consumption

Whether you are installing a walk-in refrigerator and freezer or a commercial upright freezer for your business, ensuring that you get the most efficient energy consumption should be your topmost priority in order not to jeopardise your profit. Most walk-in refrigerators and freezers should be installed on insulated floors and walls to minimise temperature transfer, making the cooler or freezer work efficiently.

  • Warranty

What’s great when buying brand new coolers and freezers is that they come with 10 to 15 years of warranty. They also come with free repair and maintenance in case the product fails before the end of the warranty period. Nonetheless, you can also buy used commercial freezer for sale for a much lower price without worrying about its efficiency.

  • Maintenance and Sanitation

How you maintain and sanitise your commercial fridge is oftentimes the last thing being considered. Maintaining the cleanliness of the refrigerator and freezer that you use is essential not only for your business but for the health of your customers. Buying a brand new fridge may be easier to clean and maintain within its early years. However, buying a used commercial fridge may require you to consider putting in an extra effort for maintenance simply because of its wear and tear from its previous owner.

Choose the Right Commercial Freezer and Refrigerator

Looking at the kind of business you are in and the necessity of using commercial refrigerators and freezers must be the first thing you must consider when deciding to buy a commercial cooler. Either you buy a commercial walk-in fridge, a reach-in cooler, or a 2 door commercial freezer, proper planning, and decision-making process must be implemented.

How to Choose the Right Commercial Refrigerator